Luigi Bernardis

Luigi Bernardis

Partner, Solicitor and Abogado ICAM

Luigi Bernardis is a partner and co-founder of B&M Law LLP. He is both a Spanish Abogado and English Solicitor who moved to the UK in 2001. His practice areas are commercial dispute resolution, company, family, and property law.

Luigi acts for clients from a wide variety of industries, including professional services, property, manufacturing, transport, retail, entertainment, and debt recovery. A commercial litigator, as well as property and family law specialist, Luigi has represented the interests of both companies and individuals across the UK and EMEA markets.

Drawing on his knowledge of accounting and law, and strong network of resources, Luigi assists and advises clients on pre-empting, resolving and litigating disputes. His language and strategic management skills coupled with his hands-on approach allows Luigi to work closely with clients to provide legal solutions tailored to their needs.  

Luigi is also a member of The British Italian Law Association, the Spanish British Law Association, and a Secretariat-General of the E.F.A.S.C.E. (the Friulan Entity for Social and Cultural Assistance to Emigrants) UK Division.