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Carlos E Torres
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Companies' Internal Dispute

  • Posted

Shareholders are often subject to disputes within the Companies they are members of. When shareholders wish to complain against perceived irregularities within the Company, there are three main methods they may pursue such purpose: (i) via the...

Direct Foreign Investment in Brazil - Financial Market

  • Posted

In Brazil, “international capital” can have two legal definitions: (a) foreign capital in Brazil and (b) Brazilian capital abroad. The following comprehend only legal matters related to the internalization of foreign capital in the Brazilian...

Unidroit Principles and 'CISG' as grounds for decision in Brazil

  • Posted

A decision from the State of Rio Grande do Sul’s Tribunal, in the south of Brazil, adopted the Principles of International Commercial Contracts – Unidroit and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sales of Goods (CISG)...

Registration of foreign divorce in Brazil

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Currently, there are two ways to validate a foreign divorce in Brazil, which are: (a) “homologation before the Superior Tribunal of Justice – STJ” and (b) registration before the Brazilian Civil Registry. Before the commencement of...