Daniele Giacalone
      • Daniele Giacalone
      • Italian Avvocato & Chartered Accountant, Solicitor - Consultant
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Daniele Giacalone

Italian Avvocato & Chartered Accountant, Solicitor - Consultant

Solicitor in England and Wales, Italian Tax Advisor (Avvocato), Chartered Accountant and Auditor enrolled in the Italian Register of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Daniele is a tax consultant at B&M Law, Head of the Italian Desk at H Advice London, Founder and Managing Partner of SLTG & Partners.

Over the last 10 years, Daniele has lectured extensively on European and international tax law issues and has spoken at over 130 specialist tax conferences in Italy and the UK.

Daniele teaches tax law at the "Scuola di Alta Formazione e Specializzazione dell'Avvocato Tributarista U.N.C.A.T." in Italy and has published on Italian tax law as (co-)editor of 8 books and author of several articles on tax law and criminal tax law.

Daniele advises clients on tax and financial planning, corporate structuring and restructuring, corporate governance, tax governance, permanent establishment, contract law and transfer pricing.  

His advisory services include the provision of qualified legal opinions, assisting clients in the pre-litigation and dispute resolution phases, as well as in the area of criminal tax law. 

Specialises in: International and European tax law; Italian and English tax law; criminal tax and financial law.